PODCAST: Jaguars Lose to Raiders 19-9

Cole Pepper and Sam Kouvaris discuss the Jaguars 19-9 loss to the Raiders, the offensive problems and what it means that the Jaguars are staying out on the west coast before Sunday’s game at Seattle.

Cole and Sam Podcast

Cole and Sam: The Chad Henne Factor

What happens if Chad Henne plays well in Oakland? Does that change the way that Gus Bradley approaches the quarterback situation? Maybe not. Cole and Sam discuss, plus talk about the Gators and Seminoles offenses and World Cup Soccer.

Cole and Sam Podcast

PODCAST: Sam and Cole on Gabbert’s Progress and the Jaguars Roster

In this installment of the Sam and Cole Podcast, we discuss Blaine Gabbert’s recovery from the hairline fracture in his thumb and what the Jaguars roster moves might mean for the 2013 season.


Cole and Sam Podcast

PODCAST: Sam and Cole Discuss Gabbert at the Starting QB

Cole Pepper and Sam Kouvaris discuss Gus Bradley’s decision to name Blaine Gabbert the Jaguars starting quarterback and what Gabbert’s injury could mean for the team.


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Cole and Sam Podcast: Jaguars vs. Jets preview

San Kouvaris and Cole Pepper preview Saturday’s Jaguars vs. Jets preseason game. Is there reason to be concerned about the offense beyond the quarterback concerns? Have the Jaguars handle the quarterback battle correctly? Plus be sure to keep an eye out on twitter for an invitation to join Sam and Cole’s postgame Google hangout, where they’ll be recording the next podcast. You can follow on twitter: @ColePepper and @SamKouvaris

Podcast #2: Cole Pepper with Sam Kouvaris

by Cole Pepper

Podcast #2 features Sam Kouvaris, the dean of Jacksonville sports media. No active and fulltime member of the media (I ran into David Lamm at the Suns game, but he’s not full time) has covered Jacksonville sports for longer than Sam.

He had some great perspective on Shad Khan and his impact, Khan’s pursuit of the soccer team and what he expects out of the Jaguars. We also got into the local sports TV scene which has been quite an interesting place to work the past several months.

If you have other suggestions for who you would like to hear from on the podcast, leave them in the comments below.

Sam Kouvaris

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