Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships Results – 2014

The awards for the 2014 Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships were moved into the Bud Light Party Zone. (photo by Angelo Hernandez)
The awards for the 2014 Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships were moved into the Bud Light Party Zone. (photo by Angelo Hernandez)

Here are the final results for the Pro and Backyard divisions of the 2014 Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships.

Note that in the Backyard Division, we have a “one trophy maximum” meaning that some teams who scored higher in some categories, did not win trophies. The winners are noted in bold. Additionally, where there are ties in scores, a tie breaking procedure was used. The exception was in Pro Ribs, where each team had identical scores.

BACKYARD DIVISION                                                       PRO DIVISION

Overall Team Points Overall Team Points
1 JAMS BBQ 523.6 1 Two Smokin White Boys 514.8
2 Just Pig Out BBQ 509.0 2 Smokin’ Your Butt 511.8
3 KCI Savannah BBQ 506.9 3 BBQ JAX 511.8
4 BluesyQ 501.0 4 Fire Pit 504.6
5 Palm Valley BBQ 498.0 5 Team Two Eggheads 504.6
6 Serial Smokers 495.7 6 Tortoise Q 499.8
7 Hillbilly Bones Bar-B-Que 494.0 7 Goodfellas Bbq 499.2
8 Smoke-R-Done BBQ 492.0 8 Big Bad Barbecue 496.2
9 Back 9 Q Crew 487.5 9 Boston’s Butt 487.2
10 NAIOP #1 483.3 10 Klear Lake BBQ 337.8
11 Blue Wave Cookers 480.7
12 NAIOP #2 480.5
13 Smokin’ Barrels 480.4 Chicken Team Points
14 Smitty’s Smokestack 475.2 1 BBQ JAX 172.2
15 Wild hog 472.4 2 Two Smokin White Boys 168.6
16 B&Bs Que 471.5 3 Team Two Eggheads 168.0
17 Hogg Father’s 468.1 3 Fire Pit 168.0
18 Swine One One 467.5 5 Tortoise Q 167.4
19 WarPigs BBQ 463.8 5 Boston’s Butt 167.4
20 Elkins Not So Famous BBQ Team 462.9 7 Goodfellas Bbq 165.6
21 Roasted and Toasted 460.4 7 Smokin’ Your Butt 165.6
22 Miller Genuine BBQ 459.7 9 Big Bad Barbecue 164.4
23 Let’s Smoke Out BBQ 459.5 Klear Lake BBQ
24 All American Grill, BBQ & Football 455.1
25 Bug’s n Butt’s 453.1 Ribs Team Points
26 2 Red Heads 452.9 1 Smokin’ Your Butt 175.8
27 JDG BBQ 451.9 1 Two Smokin White Boys 175.8
28 STATE BOYS 3AM BAR B Q 451.3 3 BBQ JAX 170.4
29 Mr. Pee Wee’s Smokin Hot BBQ 451.1 4 Tortoise Q 168.6
30 Smoke This 448.7 5 Goodfellas Bbq 168.0
31 FIS 445.1 6 Big Bad Barbecue 167.4
32 Smoker and the Bandits 442.1 6 Team Two Eggheads 167.4
33 Underage Smokers 433.2 8 Fire Pit 166.8
34 Backyard Brother’s BBQ 428.6 9 Klear Lake BBQ 165.6
35 Interrail Smoke Signals 332.4 10 Boston’s Butt 157.8
Chicken Team Points Pork Team Points
1 Smoke-R-Done BBQ 174.5 1 Klear Lake BBQ 172.2
2 JAMS BBQ 174.0 2 Two Smokin White Boys 170.4
3 Serial Smokers 172.7 2 Smokin’ Your Butt 170.4
4 Just Pig Out BBQ 171.0 4 Fire Pit 169.8
5 KCI Savannah BBQ 168.4 5 Team Two Eggheads 169.2
6 Hillbilly Bones Bar-B-Que 165.9 5 BBQ JAX 169.2
7 Let’s Smoke Out BBQ 165.5 7 Goodfellas Bbq 165.6
8 FIS 165.0 8 Big Bad Barbecue 164.4
8 Palm Valley BBQ 165.0 9 Tortoise Q 163.8
10 Elkins Not So Famous BBQ Team 3 162.5 10 Boston’s Butt 162.0
11 B&Bs Que 162.0
11 BluesyQ 162.0
13 NAIOP #2 161.0
14 Roasted and Toasted 159.5
15 Mr. Pee Wee’s Smokin Hot BBQ 159.0
16 Hogg Father’s 158.5
17 Smitty’s Smokestack 157.0
18 NAIOP #1 156.0
20 Back 9 Q Crew 153.5
21 Smokin’ Barrels 152.6
21 Bug’s n Butt’s 152.6
23 2 Red Heads 151.8
24 Wild hog 150.9
25 WarPigs BBQ 149.1
25 Blue Wave Cookers 149.1
27 Underage Smokers 149.0
28 Miller Genuine BBQ 148.8
29 Smoke This 147.0
30 Smoker and the Bandits 144.0
31 Swine One One 142.7
32 Backyard Brother’s BBQ 142.5
33 All American Grill, BBQ & Football 136.5
34 JDG BBQ 134.5
Ribs Team Points
1 JAMS BBQ 173.1
2 KCI Savannah BBQ 171.0
3 Back 9 Q Crew 170.5
4 Smitty’s Smokestack 170.0
5 Serial Smokers 169.0
6 Smokin’ Barrels 167.0
6 BluesyQ 167.0
6 Just Pig Out BBQ 167.0
9 NAIOP #2 166.5
10 Swine One One 166.2
11 Hillbilly Bones Bar-B-Que 165.5
11 B&Bs Que 165.5
13 NAIOP #1 163.5
13 Let’s Smoke Out BBQ 163.5
15 All American Grill, BBQ & Football 162.6
16 Interrail Smoke Signals 162.4
17 Blue Wave Cookers 161.0
17 JDG BBQ 161.0
19 Bug’s n Butt’s 160.5
20 Smoke This 159.0
21 Palm Valley BBQ 158.0
22 Miller Genuine BBQ 154.5
23 Smoke-R-Done BBQ 153.0
24 Wild hog 152.5
26 Hogg Father’s 151.5
27 Elkins Not So Famous BBQ Team 3 150.9
28 Smoker and the Bandits 148.5
29 WarPigs BBQ 147.5
30 Underage Smokers 145.2
31 Roasted and Toasted 144.9
32 2 Red Heads 143.1
33 Backyard Brother’s BBQ 142.7
34 Mr. Pee Wee’s Smokin Hot BBQ 137.6
35 FIS 133.5
Pork Team Points
1 JAMS BBQ 176.5
2 Palm Valley BBQ 175.0
3 BluesyQ 172.0
4 Just Pig Out BBQ 171.0
5 Blue Wave Cookers 170.6
6 Interrail Smoke Signals 170.0
7 Wild hog 169.0
8 KCI Savannah BBQ 167.5
9 WarPigs BBQ 167.1
10 Smoke-R-Done BBQ 164.5
11 NAIOP #1 163.8
12 Back 9 Q Crew 163.5
13 Hillbilly Bones Bar-B-Que 162.6
14 Smokin’ Barrels 160.8
15 Swine One One 158.6
16 Hogg Father’s 158.1
17 2 Red Heads 158.0
18 Miller Genuine BBQ 156.4
18 JDG BBQ 156.4
20 All American Grill, BBQ & Football 156.0
20 Roasted and Toasted 156.0
22 Mr. Pee Wee’s Smokin Hot BBQ 154.5
23 Serial Smokers 154.0
24 NAIOP #2 153.0
25 Smoker and the Bandits 149.6
26 Elkins Not So Famous BBQ Team 3 149.5
27 Smitty’s Smokestack 148.2
28 FIS 146.6
30 B&Bs Que 144.0
31 Backyard Brother’s BBQ 143.4
32 Smoke This 142.7
33 Bug’s n Butt’s 140.0
34 Underage Smokers 139.0
35 Let’s Smoke Out BBQ 130.5






It Matters to Him

by Cole Pepper
October 17, 2013

Jaguars cornerback Will Blackmon visited the Daniel campus this week. When Blackmon joined the team, he asked the Jaguars Foundation about kids charities in Jacksonville. When he heard about Daniel, he immediately wanted to help.

Blackmon, who lost his mother when he was six, has a cousin who lost both parents and needed help. Fortunately, Blackmon’s father and grandmother decided to take the cousin in, and eventually, adopt him, providing for him with a stable home environment. Not all kids have that option. A number of the kids Blackmon met at Daniel need someone to be there for them, but without extended family able to help, they can bounce around the system for months, even years. That’s where Daniel steps in.

Blackmon represented the Jaguars with the NFL’s Play60 program, showcasing the new playground on the Daniel campus as well as the Jaguars Literacy Den, a library and reading room in the new Daniel Academy. Check out the photos below.

When Sports Make a Difference

Daniel kid at sharks game
That’s 8 year old Claude with the smile of a kid attending his first live football game. Daniel Family Services Counselor Tim Decker is along side.

by Cole Pepper

Before I begin, some disclosures. I sit on the Board of Trustees of Daniel, Florida’s oldest child service agency. I’ve been involved with that charity for about six years and care deeply for the work that Daniel does for children and families in our community.

Disclosure #2. As you probably know, I call the TV play-by-play for the Sharks games on Channel 4. The Sharks pay me for my efforts.

That being said, this is a cool story.

Claude is 8 years old. He had never attended an organized sporting event.

He has been in foster care for several years and hopes to find a “forever family.”  Claude has endured struggles and overcome overcome obstacles in his short life that none of use would wish upon our enemies.

He and his sister were neglected and abused by their mother. They were placed in foster care apart from one another, to allow them the ability to have more one on one attention to heal. Eventually the biological mother’s parental rights were terminated and Claude became eligible to be adopted. Shortly after moving in with his new/adoptive family he suffered more abuse and the adoption failed. 

Not a bad way to experience your first Sharks game, huh?
Not a bad way to experience your first Sharks game, huh?

But then he came to Daniel. The staff at Daniel helped Claude deal with the issues that were holding him back and helped him cope. He was placed in a new foster home. His grades improved and he became the Claude that he was before. Happy, energetic, outgoing.

Over the past several months, with the help of his Daniel staff and foster mom, Claude has turned it all around through hard work, determination, and perseverance.  He recently received a most-improved award and was honored at the recognition ceremony with Family Support Services (FSS).

“I’ve known Claude since he cam into our care and I’ve watched him progress along the way,” said Decker. “I have told Claude on many occasions that good behavior gets you good things, and bad behavior gets you bad things.This is short and simple, but I hope that the positive reinforcement he has received for his improvements will help to ingrain this way of thinking for Claude. ”

Last Saturday, when the Sharks hosted the Spokane Shock at the Arena, Claude got to live a dream of his: attending his first football game. He and Tim Decker, a Daniel Family Services Counselor, were guests of the Sharks. Claude even got to go on the field in the second quarter and meet the players. He received a #5 Jeff Hughley jersey which he wore the entire game.

Daniel kid with sharks jerseyClaude’s review was simple, but powerful: “It was good,” he said

Claude has now realized one dream, to see a football game live and in person. That’s quite a dream. Now, Claude hopes to realize one more dream and find a forever family soon.


How Companies Can Make A Difference

Elkins Check
Joe Newell (right) presents a check to Daniel Foundation Executive Director Kellie Ann Kelleher and Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships chairman Cole Pepper.

by Cole Pepper

This post is a little bit off the beaten track of what you might expect from this site, but I think there is a good point to make.

I had the pleasure of attending a check presentation on behalf of Daniel (I’m the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Daniel Foundation). This event took place in the clubhouse near the top of the Berkman Plaza and was hosted by the folks from Elkins Constructors.

Elkins has participated in the Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships each of the last three years and they really adopted the Glyn Cook Memorial Scholarship for Daniel kids as their pet cause. This year, they not only competed in the BBQ contest as a team (two teams actually, one that won the Grand Championship), but they also sold tickets to the event and held several mini-fundraisers throughout the year. All told, Elkins donated over $8,000 to the scholarship fund and to Daniel.

And they tell me that they get more out of it than Daniel does.

How do they do it?

First, they have a strong team leader. If a business is going to adopt a cause (or several causes) you really have to have someone on the inside, driving the efforts. This creates motivation, accountability, even someone for the employees to go to for simple questions. For Elkins, Joe Newell is that guy. He’s not only a passionate BBQ chef, but he’s passionate about Daniel’s cause. Daniel, for those of you unaware, is Florida oldest child-service agency and the oldest charity in Jacksonville (founded in 1884).

The Glyn Cook Memorial Scholarship helps pay the cost of college for formerly homeless kids who have gone through the programs at Daniel. It’s named for my late father-in-law, a former Chairman of the Board at Daniel.

In addition to strong internal leadership, its essential for a company to have buy-in from the top. If management doesn’t support a cause, they may not look favorably on employees spending time on it. At Elkins, they believe in active participation in charitable fundraising and it shows.

Third, Elkins has fun with it! Okay, so forming a barbecue team isn’t the toughest thing to enjoy, but it does take time, energy, planning and resources to do it well. Elkins cooked over 1,000 pounds of meat over the past year in preparation for the Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships. The crown they won as the Amateur BBQ Kings of Jacksonville is being handled like the Stanley Cup. Each team member gets the crown for a week and can take it anywhere.

The Crown is awarded to the winning Backyard Division Team each year at the Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships.
The Crown is awarded to the winning Backyard Division Team each year at the Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships.

Here are a few of the ways Elkins raised money:

  • Selling BBQ dinners to employees, business neighbors and groups.
  • Bake sale
  • Drawing for an Elkins truck
  • Selling tickets to the BBQ contest to vendors, clients and partners

Here’s the wild part about this: Newell told me that its one of the best team building activities they’ve ever done. It’s not just the barbecuing. Truthfully, only a few people really have an influence on how the chicken, ribs and pork come out. But they have people in charge of games for the area, some handle handing out the BBQ to the patrons, others are there to help when needed and generally enjoy the contest. But as much of that team building comes in the months leading up to the contest as on the actual day of the contest. That’s what makes the Elkins story such a great one for companies. Build team morale, get positive attention in the community, make a difference for those in need and be a part of a great community event.

If you know of a company who would like to get involved, like Elkins has, email info@jaxbbqchampionships.com.

BBQers Helping Victims of Oklahoma Tornadoes

by Cole Pepper

Volunteers prepare meals to be served to victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. (photo: Operation BBQ Relief)

There are very few types of cooking that can produce the quantities of meat that barbecue smoking can. Large competition smokers can be so big that they require huge trailers pulled by oversized trucks to move them from place to place.

The ability to cook large quantities of meat and the will to help those affected by weather disasters, these were the key pieces in the formation of Operation BBQ Relief.

The non-profit group was formed in 2011, originally to help victims of tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri. Now, just two years later, the group continues to feed those who have been affected by storms. According to a story in the LA Times (that bastion of BBQ news), Operation BBQ Relief (Twitter: @OpBBQRelief) has served up 50,000 pounds of meat to Oklahoma tornado victims.

That works out to 122,000 meals. Amazing.

And that was before yesterday’s storms tore through Oklahoma once again.

According to the organization’s website, Operation BBQ Relief has served meals to those affected by storms from Michigan, to Indiana to Alabama. Kudos to those BBQ chefs who donate their time and talent to help the victims of mother nature.