One thought on “Live (on tape) from Pittsburgh (and Jacksonville)”

  1. The challenge the team faces is large. But how great would it be to beat the Steelers…to get to the Patriots. IF we beat the Steelers…whoah…baby.

    I have flip flopped on Bortles. Don’t trust him. Don’t think he’ll ever be trustworthy.

    Wish we had rested Fournette. Hope he’s got that extra gear today. Doubt it. If we had the Fournette that looks downfield and beckons the d-back to c’mon, come get it, we would win this game, and if it weren’t for Bortles, I think go all the way. I would have rested Fournette as soon as we got in the post season.

    After today, I have a feeling we’ll be talking about who’s going to be our qb of the future. Unfortunately. Taking the wife to a sports bar here in Houston with our Jags gear and it’s going to get loud.

    Sports guys on ESPN keep saying…no way Ben throws five picks. He doen’t have to for us to win this game and handily. Fournette runs for over a hundo…Bortles throws a touch and no picks, we win this.

    go jags

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