Here’s How the Jaguars Can Make The Playoffs

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by Cole Pepper
December 10, 2013

Amazingly, after an 0-8 start, the Jacksonville Jaguars are still mathematically alive in the playoff hunt. So what needs to happen for the Jaguars to make their first trip to the post-season since 2007? Here is the formula (or at least one, I couldn’t find any other combinations that worked, but some may exist):

1. Win Out-the Jaguars have games remaining against the Bills, Titans and Colts. They must win all of those games in order to finish 7-9 and have any chance of earning a wild card birth.

2. The Ravens Must Lose Out-Baltimore plays in prime time the next two weeks, this Monday night in Detroit against the Lions, next Sunday night at home against the Patriots before finishing the season at the Bengals. The Jaguars need Baltimore to lose all three of those games.

3. The Jaguars Need the Jets To Lose, but Not All of Them-In order for the Jaguars to make the playoffs, the Jets lose at the Panthers this week, then lose to the Browns, but then bounce back and win in Miami.

4. The Patriots Must Beat the Dolphins This Week-Simply, the Jaguars need the Dolphins to lose out. We’ve covered Miami’s others games in the earlier points.

5. The Chargers Must Lose twice-San Diego goes to Denver to play the Broncos on Thursday night. Then they host the Raiders and the Chiefs to finish out the season.

6. Raiders must lose at least once-Oakland hosts Kansas City, then the aforementioned game at the Chargers before finishing the season at home against the Broncos.

7. Steelers must lose at least once-Pittsburgh hosts the Bengals this Sunday night, then travels to Green Bay and ends the season at the Browns.

In summary, the Jaguars must win out, the Ravens and Dolphins must lost out and the Jets need to lose twice, then the Chargers lose twice and the Raiders and Steelers don’t win out. If that happens, the Jaguars would become the second team in NFL history to make the playoffs with a losing record.

Here a chart with the MUST games:

Playoff chart

In addition, the Chargers and Raiders would have to lose twice, the Steelers once.

3 thoughts on “Here’s How the Jaguars Can Make The Playoffs”

  1. Interesting post. Funny, but all of the things that must happen actually could happen, Jags beating the colts being one of the least likely, but not out of the question. No one should be holding their breath though. But it begs the question, What if we didn’t throw all those games in the name of the Blair Yip Project? Put Henne in those games, give the team a chance and we could perhaps have had a legit shot at the playoffs.

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