Sam and Cole: Jaguars Get First Win

The Jaguars ended a 13 game losing streak with a 29-27 victory over the Titans in Nashville. What does the win really mean? Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss that, plus the very different states of Florida and Florida State’s football seasons.


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One thought on “Sam and Cole: Jaguars Get First Win”

  1. Thanks for the Sam, Sam and more Sam podcast. I can use this as a sleep aid later. Never thought I’d miss Cole’s ideas, but I sure did.

    Thought: you guys should do a whole podcast on the disaster that is Blaine. And how long it took you to realize it, and finally start saying what I’ve been saying for two years plus. He’s done, get him gone. Duh. Excruciating to wait for you both to catch up on that one. First time he slid running straight backwards, screaming and hurting himself doing it, well, duh again.

    More of the obvious in this report. Muschamp’s style isn’t right for Florida fans. No shit? Hey, let’s write that one down…lest we miss it. Most of what was in this episode should have come with the preface, “This should be obvious to anyone, but (then bloviate for five to ten minutes on the obvious…) Bla bla, MJD’s lost a step…bla bla…”I predicted this win…”…bla bla…zzzzz.

    And you know what else? I think Sam is dead wrong about this qb draft. There are probably going to be at least two very good qb’s in it.

    Another topic could be how the Jags new coach is the perfect guy for the Jags job, and you get the feeling the players will play for him no matter what. Who is the other coach in the league that can have a team this bad and keep them motivated? No one. He is the Jaguars future and if he stays here, it can only get better. Khan was brilliant in hiring him. Not only that but how about the idea that the NFL needs guys like this as their new ambassadors, with the league’s bad press and seemingly treating players like cuts of beef at the stockyards rather than young men with lives to lead during and after. Maybe a topic or two with actual insights instead of the usual duh observations might make your podcasts more interesting.

    But thanks for the game recap. Expert insights…maybe next time? And if these just turn into Sam talking for 25 minutes, you will instantly lose 10% of your audience. Me.

    Go Jags!

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