One of Cole’s passions is BBQ. When smoked meats meet blog posts, here’s where they’ll live.

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One thought on “BBQ”

  1. Hey there, Cole! I’d love to pick your brain and perhaps see if you might be a match for this… I am casting a Travel Channel competition show about grillers- there are four contestants who are challenged to create a delicious and creative grilled dish for our panel of three judges. One of our judges is our host, and then for each city we travel to, we find two more! I’m hoping you might be a good fit for one of those spots for our Jacksonville episode. We are looking for well spoken folks who know food, particularly grilling. They will be asked to comment on the process being applied by the cooks as they compete, and then descriptively criticize and praise the individual dishes presented to determine our winner. I need to point out that this is ‘hot and fast’ grilling, not ‘low and slow BBQ’.

    I am attaching a casting notice link, but please note that I am reaching out to you as a judge, not a contestant:

    I’d love to know your thoughts. This would film some time in April but I’d like to nail down judges now!

    Brian Small
    Casting Director/Original Media
    Grilled/Travel Channel
    212 683 3086 x 114

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