3 thoughts on “Jaguars will not be bullied”

  1. I have to admit I was not expecting a win. I wanted one and I pulled for our guys every second of the game but I too have been let down so many times . When Russell Wilson was able to avoid sacks and twice throw long passes for touchdowns I was thinking he could do it again. The difference this time tho I was thinking the defense will cause a turnover. The defense will make a play. I could see the Jaguars expected they would win ! I am disappointed in a few of the fans at the end of the game. I thought we had more class in the South than places like Cleveland. I do listen to you guys weekly . I just don’t always comment. THX

  2. One question left. Can Bortles keep playing like this? Because if he can, the Jaguars could handle anyone.

    I’m not buying it. He’s got the physical talent…we know this. But can he handle the moment when it comes? I say no. Hope I’m wrong.

    We have seen Bortles bring (the opponent) back in the fourth quarter, unfortunately. I think his brain needs to screw up real bad. Let it be against the Texans, get it over with. Could still win that game, if he has his big mental fart, because I believe its coming. The gas is building up in his head and needs a couple interceptions to be released. (lack of trust based on observation). Even this 124 rating didn’t look like a 124, it looked like a robot with his eyes fixed and dilated, getting lucky. No ball fakes, few look offs, just first read, throw it…pray stuff. Receivers finally brought him up, for once. And not taking all the insults back, but number 11 did show up and had a big game. Probably more indicative of the Seahawks depleted d.

    Think the national sports media will have to notice the Jags after this game.

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