2 thoughts on “Clinched! Jaguars heading to the playoffs.”

  1. Re: Bortles. If he can keep playing like this, that is one hell of an accomplishment. Because it is a total reversal of a completely fked mentality, and lack of confidence. In my opinion, this is far more significant than overcoming a knee injury or a shoulder. Because when your mind has a problem, it can come back with just a thought, or a half a thought. Very hard to control the whispers of failure inside your own head.

    He is playing now, how I thought he would (could) play. I gave up on him, and now I’m feeling guilty because I had such hopes for him, and his potential and I completely figured it was done. And, am still not convinced he won’t have a mental relapse. Let’s see. So far so good.

    I believe it’s similar to the Blaine Gabbert Experiment. Where Blaine was completely overt in his fear and the effect had on his play, everyone saw it (Cole not so much, everyone else) Blake is stoic, and seems to get back up, and not flinch. His flinch is in his performance, motion, and wow, the punt-spiral.

    If he keeps throwing like this, and managing the game and his receiver can catch rather than Mercedez their opportunities. We’ll be a very, very tough out.

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