One thought on “A professional win”

  1. What are Mercedez Lewis’ stats for drops? Drops more than number 11, I would assume. I think Mercedez is a world-class ball dropper, and his stats should confirm that. One of a kind. Although Lee is no first stringer, and never will be. He’s a squirrel.

    Don’t get too excited. Bortles is a couple hits away from throwing one of those punt-spirals. Bortles is a tough guy? He’s a big guy. Strong guy. Talented guy. Good at taking a hit. Great at getting back up. Mentally, however, as weak as they come. His play is the proof, that his toughness is skin deep. Shows his fear not in his face, but in his throws and decisions. Mentally, his windshield is shattered and he needs to call in for a new one. Airbag in his head has been deployed.

    Seattle is in trouble only because of their offensive line. I expect Bortles to keep Seattle in that one.

    Rest Fournette. Keep him off the field at least one week. Save him for the post season right now. He’s not right, we need him right if we’re going to do anything significant this year. Just imagine first playoff game with Fournette at 100%. No one would want the Jags, no one.

    Great “starting cigar”? Stop it. Smoking is death.

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