One thought on “Who will the Gators hire?”

  1. Bortles is still our biggest potential problem. Are the Jaguars good enough for him to be a game manager? Maybe. We don’t even know if he can do that though, with any consistency. He’s so up and down, like a yo yo, yo.

    And regarding winning at home. Well, the Jaguars need to win at home. Why? Because they need to win, especially at home. How? Win at home, then they will have a home win. “If we can string together a couple home wins, then winning at home will definitely happen”. What’s the best thing about winning at home? Well, it means you’re not only winning on the road, but winning at home and everything that comes with winning at home. “It starts with winning. The other crucial part is, you’re at home DURING the win. That’s what people don’t realize.”

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