2 thoughts on “Same old Jaguars…or are they?”

  1. Marquise Lee really is a second-string level player. He just looks squirrelly. Not confident that he is up to running back punts or kickoffs. He’s definitely not a go-to guy. Wish our receivers could rally round and make bad throws look good, rather than good throws look bad. (Houston’s receivers are catching everything Watson tosses near them). You have problems when Marcedes Lewis might be your best go to, considering he drops three to catch one.

    Think the Puz personal call was bull-corn. At most, offsetting penalties there.

    Blake didn’t look great. He had the deer in the headlight stare again. And it’s just hard to be confident in a qb who throws a ball that is beyond any duck any nfl qb has ever thrown. One of those throws was practically, end over end. And all those blocked passes, are ridiculous. Playing poorly under pressure, I agree with that Cole. He got worse as the pressure increased, and you could see it and feel it coming. I knew they had zero chance in overtime…and you know that chip shot was almost missed by Myers. When the pressure is on he also seems capable of missing the broadside of a barn. We might not need a better kicker this year just because we’re probably not going too far, this year either. But while Myers has a big leg, he also has a small brain.

    I do think part of Blake’s problem is that he is tough, but he gets back up…but he is not actually handling the pressure mentally. I think it is at the root of his confidence and throwing motion problems.

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