2 thoughts on “Feels like uncharted territory”

  1. Jags misjudged the market? Misunderestimated the amount of rubes that will boycott this team?? The same people that don’t go to the games anyway. Next time the Jags should let Sam know when & where they are going to take a knee so he can sign off on it. How come Sam didn’t direct his ire at Jerry Jones who took a knee before the NA during MNF? The guy who had the benefit of watching how all the other teams handled the protests. Maybe Doug Marrone can borrow the handbook from Jerry?

    I’m a veteran & I could care less about players protesting during the NA. Sam’s rant about the Jaguars insulated culture is reminiscent of when he complained about Sexton being chosen as the play by play guy over local competition. Let it go. Stinks of sour grapes. Sam may have his finger on the pulse of Jaguar fan but he doesn’t speak for me. Freedom of speech is what makes this country great. As long as Sam agrees with it of course.

    p.s. Shad has given plenty of interviews & speeches describing what it’s like to be a minority in a white dominated business world. Just read them.

  2. This isn’t something a timely, emphatic apology is ever going to fix. Period. The “cultural dna” has changed in all sports, not just the NFL. The new dna is more widespread than just on the field antics, and in the end, it’s the younger generation that will take over and this kind of self expression and entitlement is here to stay. I am on the side of taking your stand, and take your lumps. You have the right to both. Newest trend: Players dancing on the field as they do their jobs. Already a thing. How far will that go? It will most likely be a topic you all comment on in the near future. Respect for the flag and our military, that’s an old man’s game. (See Sam Kouvaris) Kids see our flag desecrated so often by our own citizens, I think the ones who are deeply offended by that are in the minority. It’s a cultural disparity between the players (young mostly black) and the audience (older mostly white) and the owners who are mostly getting rich off of the youngsters who come into the league and too often leave with permanent injuries. The young men who are on stage now want their own brands to be noticed and talked about and their on field performances are just one big selfie. (Beckham). Asking for an apology from owners on this is to me silly, because “this” is just getting started. Players who never play are suddenly relevant simply by sitting. The next thing these kids do to get attention is coming.

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