2 thoughts on “Are the Jaguars contenders now?”

  1. Before I listened to your podcast I had decided that I’m happy and impressed with the win but it is only one more win than the number of losses . If they can win 2 games in a row I will get more excited. Good teams are consistent and can come from behind for a win especially at the end of a game. See Green Bay and Dallas. I know that was Aaron Rogers. They need to get good with the two minute drill because a lot of times that’s all the time you have left, if that much.

  2. Hmm. Looks like Sam agrees with me that this win “defines” the Jaguars. At least about who they want to be. Also agrees that our one glaring weakness is Bortles. Let’s see if Bortles can step up. I hope (have a feeling) knowing he doesn’t have to throw as much will help his state of mind.

    Contenders? Obviously. Superbowl prospects? No. Not with Bortles in his current state. Also think we still have a problem with our kicker too.

    This game does define the jaguars. Dominant D with Bortles being more of a game manager with potential upside. And yes, Byron Leftwich and Blane Gabbert still sucked. (all three should be obvious?)

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