Coughlin Continues to Put His Stamp on Jaguars


Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss the early batch of pre-free agency moves made by the Jaguars under Tom Coughlin. If you are paying close attention, it all makes sense.

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2 thoughts on “Coughlin Continues to Put His Stamp on Jaguars”

  1. Excitement. Starting about now.

    Just hope Bortles can return to his rookie form. He’s a major x-factor. He’s not going to get an unlimited leash with Tommy around. The game I went to last year, he looked beyond terrible. We’ll have to see how he does. Think we need to see Allen on the sideline, or someone who has a chance to challenge.

  2. Coughlin will rebuild jaguars offensive line. Making it dominant. This in turn makes protecting QB. Priority 1. And also opens up our running game. Wait see the olinemen they’ll bring in with free agency. Gems. Studs. Quality all pro material players

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