9 thoughts on “Sam & Cole: Happy New Year”

    1. Sorry to hear that Joe. I’m getting the audio when accessing from several different platforms. How are you accessing it? Directly on the website, via social media, iTunes or some other way?

        1. Ok, it may be a problem with the audio graphic…two potential fixes. First, try clicking on the left side of the audio bar…to the left where it says 0:00 and see if it plays. Second option, can you access it from iTunes or Stitcher?

          1. There is a hidden “play” arrow immediately to the left of the “0:00” time indicator… it gets me every time.

          2. Do you really think any candidate is going to agree to the job without the ability to get rid of Bortles?

  1. I hope Delvin Cook is the Jags RB next year. The running game has been missing, and would help Bortles. BTW really enjoy the podcast. And at a later one, please explain what happened to Miles Jack this season and why.

    1. I think Cook is going to be a very good pro. Just not sure that he fits at #4…mid to late first round, looks more realistic. Thanks for the kind words.

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