One thought on “Sam & Cole: Officially Out of the Playoffs”

  1. Got free tickets ($299 tics) so actually went to this game. I was hoping that Bortles would continue his slightly improved play from the last (two) games. I don’t think his arm is hurt, that sidearm throw is yet another mental glitch as by now his mechanics are all over the place. He’s playing scared, not seeing the field, and not anticipating anything…so he’s holding the ball too long, then throwing it twice as hard because he’s late…so no touch on most of his passes, and his passes were mostly all 50-50 balls. Hence the no defensive interference calls. You could see Bortles’ frustration because he realizes he’s gotten some mental mechanics that eventually will get him sat down. For him, (I disagree about continuing to play Blake), he needs to sit and watch some games and think about what he’s literally throwing away. Blake’s brain needs a reset. Sitting him down might help do that. His mechanics are fked up, and he can’t stop fking up. He’s gone totally mental. Sit him down…activate what’s his name and let Blake think about it. Gus…has to go and NOW. wthell? Defense is good enough to take us far but we need an offense. Not 100% Blake, but he needs mental help which he can maybe get while not playing. He’s going through the motions, but even he knows it’s time to sit. Past time. When you lose your mechanics and your confidence to get them back, time to sit down and rebuild your head, and your throwing motion.

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