Sam & Cole: Just Another Jaguars Loss

For the 8th week in a row, Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper talk about the Jaguars most recent loss, this time, a 25-16 loss to the Minnesota Vikings and they reflect on the induction of Jimmy Smith into the Pride of the Jaguars.

One thought on “Sam & Cole: Just Another Jaguars Loss”

  1. Fire Gus? Long overdue.

    Fire the Special Team Coach? Long overdue.

    Sit Blake? How do you restart your computer when it freezes up? You turn it off. Give it a second to think, then turn it back on. Long, long overdue.

    Let’s see what our #3 qb can do…Allen. Overdue. Blake is beyond playing himself out of it. He needs to think his way out and that starts by powering down. Too many programs colliding. Too much thinking. Too much failure to get used to.

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