2 thoughts on “Sam & Cole: Will Gus’ Tirade Bear Fruit?”

  1. I have to admit that I misjudged Bortles. When you see a quarterback come off the bench, and in his first forty snaps, throw touchdowns, and first downs and use his legs to move the chains and other very good things that require having your head on straight and an above average mental game, you don’t expect for that quarterback to then, in his third year, all of the sudden to start playing not only worse, but worse than he played in his very first game. But that’s what we saw, and are seeing from Blake.

    It’s as if he can’t make a decision, like George Foreman in his last fights, not able to throw a punch. It’s like he’s second, and third guessing himself…and you can see him finally decide to throw, and all of the sudden, and this is something I expect you experts to have picked up on (but didn’t), his throwing motion is completely different, as if he went back and decided the thing to do is to fashion his motion after Byron Leftwich. Can’t you see it? His lack of confidence has gone from his brain to his arm. He’s got this huge wind up, big hitch, and then he throws the ball late, behind, over and usually with no touch. I am still wondering how you guys missed this.

    And he seems to have lost his pocket presence as well, which was maybe his best strength coming into the league. Not only is he not playing well, he is playing so much worse than when he started…and it appears to be such a mental struggle for him, I am not sure he will be able to pull himself out of it, and I am second guessing my thought that this kid was the next coming of Rothlisberger but with wheels. And his receivers, not surprisingly, have followed suit, by dropping the balls when they do finally get anywhere near the target. Albeit, with zero touch a la Left Sandwich. And isn’t he leading the league now in blocked passes? He’s telegraphing, because he’s hesitating, and then you can see him make the decision from the damn couch, and here comes the three second wind-up…no wonder half his passes get blocked.

    Finally, the defense is fine, and improving as they should.

    Maybe this holes in the offensive line are getting into his head. Maybe he’s secretly dating Jessica Simpson, and she cut him off. Or, maybe, he is not jiving with his coaches, and isn’t the type to lead, and his talent has cut him off too as can happen. Next time he sucks, I think a couple quarters on the bench might help. That’s what needs to happen, and soon. Bortles is on the verge of being a big flop. And I will have to admit that I was w-w-w-wrong about this qb.

    Yeah, so the whole wind-up thing, that both of you have missed…go back and watch the tape, and if you want, you can have that observation, no charge. This is a serious, mental funk that has gone to his arm and motion, and once an athlete’s mental issues manifest in the form of messed up mechanics…that is serious and possibly a career ender. He needs to find the very best sports pshych dude and fly him in NOW.

  2. Oh, and for me, this win was actually more like a loss. I have been a supporter of Gus, but at halftime of this game I decided that it is time to move the offensive coordinator into the head spot, and let Gus put his house up for sale. Big buzzer went off. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Time’s up, you failed. We need to move on.

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