One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars Lose Their Composure, Then the Game”

  1. Well, looks like you are agreeing with me on this one.

    The Chicago win felt like a loss. This loss felt like a disaster.

    You can’t say the Jaguars don’t have any momentum. They do, in the wrong direction again.

    I have only seen the highlights, and so I can’t say too much…but one thing that is still happening is the lack of discipline…and failures on the line of scrimmage, in the passing game, keeping lanes on defense, competence in special teams, and a very promising physically gifted qb, getting his own negative momentum game going bigtime.

    I disagree about one thing. I don’t think Bradley will be with the team Thursday night. If I’m Shad, I yank him now because I don’t want him to maybe win one and then you’re back to what do you do…I think the owner will pull the plug…probably sometime today, or tomorrow.

    I am hoping that Bortles’ problem is the Gus Bradley style. Sometimes when you’re very intelligent, your brain knows deep down no matter what you do, you can’t overcome some big problems all by yourself. Bortles’ brain might have figured that out, and it is manifesting in unexpected poor play. Because Bortles’ brain knows how to get rid of the problem, and it is doing so, perhaps subconsciously. His brain has benched his talent for the short term, in favor of a long term solution. Hijacked his throwing motion in favor of the Leftwich wind-up, and holding the ball too long, then winging it too hard with no touch.

    This same psychology may be at play with the ejections and childlike tantrums. Embarrass the team, and maybe the problem will be solved.

    Glad to see y’all heard that big buzzer I heard after their pathetic Chicago win. The team is underachieving in every phase of the game, good player’s talent is holding them hostage, and now a couple of them have even reverted to thumb sucking.

    I really wanted Gus’ method to work, thought it was cool. It wasn’t, isn’t and now, won’t be. Gus will be fired by tomorrow afternoon. BRRRRAAAAANGGGGGZZZZZRRRRRRRRRR!

    That was the buzzer going off again. Good luck Mr. B.

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