One thought on “Sam & Cole: The Rest of the Story”

  1. Well, I listened to this podcast after the game was over, and so it wouldn’t be fair to point out how far off you were on this. I think everyone was fooled by the team’s “moral victory” against the Pack.

    Here’s what we should be talking about. The fact that the coach and the decision makers have continued to flail miserably (flail) at shoring up the offensive line. Which (jokel) is hurting the defense as much as the offense because Blake has no time to do anything, And if you think it’s bad now, wait until this problem causes Blake to get injured. Maybe one less tight end and two more decent o linemen…like, two years ago.

    Jags can’t win unless they fix the offensive line. Period. I blame the coach and the guys making the decisions on the draft and acquisitions. AIRHORN! Time’s up.

    I am willing to let coach Gus go mid-season. Nice guy experiment…FAILED.

    Enjoyed sitting around the campfire reminiscing on your collective meteoric rise to mediocrity, however. You’re still, unfortunately, working in a Jokel market with spoiled college level fans, and a pretty disappointing Pro Football Team to match. Self reflective pats on the back on how you got here, may be premature. One near win (loss) against a probably good team does not a hallmark sports reporter career make. I apologize for being rude…but maybe wait until they go 1 and 5 before you get too excited. It was entertaining, although maybe not the way it was intended. I hear the Toledo am station needs a sports person….

    Tangerine! Tangerine! 0-2!!!

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