One thought on “Sam & Cole: How Many More Losses Can Gus Survive?”

  1. Okay, well, there are no moral victories left, but this game was actually an improvement from the second loss. And not to be optimistic, but Blake had one good game, and one and a half terrible games. His performance so far this year has warranted criticism, and I am frankly surprised by his continued awful throws when it really matters.

    But I wonder how many third-year qb’s in the league would play well given the circumstance of not having any running game to go to, ever. That, plus the instability on the o-line are not excuses, but they are potential reasons for his poorer than normal pay. And also, he’s got the disadvantage of Gus Bradley, who’s nice guy approach seems not to be working if his record matters. And it most certainly matters.

    At 0 and 3, I am not ready to pull the plug on the season, the qb, or the coach. I would say that there is still some time to turn it around.

    Hilarious comment about waiting until the post game interview to call it a touchdown, btw.

    Agree 1000% with you Cole regarding the protests. There is a problem. The police, and the way they have treated the public (especially blacks) for decades, has finally come to roost. Make an informed protest? Yeah, informed by what or whom? Kapernick has the right to sit. It seems like in retrospect, an honorable thing to do since he is doing it for his race, for what has happened and is still happening today. I don’t like what Jerry Jones did with his team, telling them they had to stand or be cut. It’s a football team, not a chain gang Jerry. For someone who doesn’t mind if you beat the crap out of your wife just so long as you can sack the qb, your power trip is misplaced.

    Cameras with audio is one answer. And fines or demotions for cops whose camera’s suddenly cut out during the most important part, or the creative editing of said videos. And it’s high time we stop allowing the po po to investigate the po po. Let drunk drivers investigate themselves and you wouldn’t be safe on any road anywhere in America. This is what has happened to the police forces, the have felt immune and they have been pretty much.

    Informed protest? What information can a white boy give to someone who has a completely different reality? It’s time for a change .

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