2 thoughts on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars vs. Bucs Preview”

  1. Thanks for two podcasts in a row with sound quality that would challenge even the most elite high school broadcast production departments. You really do care about us average football Joes! Looking forward to a record-setting three in a row, because remember, we can’t read lips on a podcast. 🙂

    I thought the long-snap perfect rotation tidbit from Sam via Brunell was really interesting. That makes sense, and is the type of knowledge, insight, that we appreciate here in pass-me-a-beer Joe Football Land. That’s deep stuff, technique stuff. Actual knowledge (like that ball of fur in those great commercials few years back). Makes us feel smart, even though as you have pointed out from time to time, we’re not. Thanks for that knowledge. No snark-casm there. Great stuff.

    Tip for Cole. Bortles is on the verge of becoming an elite qb. Or at least, not just a rising star, but THE rising star. If he can stay healthy, this could be his breakout year. He’s the main reason us Jag fans can have to be optimistic. I literally wouldn’t trade him for anyone, his future and upside are that promising. We are so fortunate to have him. I find it interesting that you have gone from your never say die Love Story with Blaine, long, long after he showed us how to slide standing still with his back to the play, to criticizing Bortles for basically a mistake by his pro-bowl tight end. And while a move in that direction by you is welcomed, don’t go overboard here. It did hit him right in the bread basket. True, a little touch would have been nice on that pass. But try to resist the urge to overcompensate for your past quarterback confusion by being too tough on this qb we have now. He is the Franchise. Maybe you could talk about his limitless upside once in a while instead of trying to find something to pick on. Make it sound like it was your own idea if you want. In fact, if you ever still need any help analyzing the qb situation, I’m always here for you. Leftwich no, Garrard yes, Blaine wtf, and stuff like that. No charge. Next year, health willing, will be Bortles’ year. You can have that too.

    Thanks again for the understandable podcast(s)! You did your job! (feels good right). I look forward to these more and more….

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