One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars Looking Good Thru 2 Preseason Games”

  1. Cole. If the Jaguar fan you referred to is me, then all I can say is I am glad to hear that you do know what you’re looking at when you watch Bortles play and improve. My faith in your ability to evaluate qb’s will always be tainted by your evaluations of Leftwich and worse, Gabbert, but glad to hear that you can see that Bortles is probably going to be very, very good, sooner than later. This qb thing is really my only issue, well, you know why. He has looked much improved…and wow, talk about touch…impressive.

    Enjoyed this podcast, and the sound was fine. It did “freeze up” as some do, but I am always able to re-set and replay. Not sure if that glitch is on your end or mine, although I suspect it’s on yours. We can’t read lips, but we can re-boot and try again. Otherwise, sound quality was very good.

    30 players that would be playing elsewhere if they weren’t here…I hope that number is a little low.

    Regarding Jokel, my question is, isn’t there some chance that we could pick up an offensive lineman who can help protect Blake once the finals cuts are made? That hasn’t entered into the conversations I’ve heard here or on 92.5 FM, and I wonder why not? I’m not saying get rid of Jokel…but we should be doing everything we can to protect Bortles right now, and I’m wondering what you experts have to say about the possibility of picking up someone on the waiver list from somewhere else.

    As for the coach’s longevity, I am willing to bet that Kahn will give Bradley at least one more year because it will realistically take that long to make a run. Most likely not this year, but next…which means he’s already put his cards in the hand for that to be the case. Kahn probably realizes he should let it ride one more season. We would have seen that move either before this season, or after next, IMO.

    Thanks! tom

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