One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars Fall Flat in 3rd Preseason Game”

  1. Thank you for the sound quality. You are on a roll.

    It is apparent, unfortunately, that the Jaguars decision makers have made some obvious and potentially disastrous decisions on the offensive line. Started with the center position last year, and it is continuing this year. Injuries aside, just as you pointed out Cole, there is now, still, an issue. We really can’t just go forward with Jokel and hope and pray. Hope is overrated. (LOL)

    We all want Jokel to work out. The Jags have paid dearly for what may be their worst pick this time around. Squinting and blurring doesn’t work when Jokel is flat on his back. Protecting Bortles really should have been more of a priority, and now it’s a little late. Getting someone serviceable from the waiver wire needs to happen. Offensive line, is always the first thing the good teams tend to shore up. We have a defensive minded coach, and the decisions he’s made with his o line, are not impressive. Could cost us, and him, as you have pointed out.

    I don’t equate that one bad quarter with what we’re looking at this year…but I think play like that…and the dumb coaching related mistakes…there is zero tolerance for that at this time. From the fanbase at least, we’ve got a twitchy trigger finger when it comes to not declaring eligible for example. And the special teams confusion. And the continuing gashes to our defense in the run game. And getting completely fooled at times looking like the joke team we were in the past.

    I think its waiver wire or bust.

    Good podcast. Starting to get away from the homer-speak, like they do in the real markets.

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