Sam & Cole: Jaguars OTA’s Wind Down, Armada’s Biggest Game

Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss the conclusion of Jaguars OTA’s, whether a developmental league for the NFL is in the cards, how the Armada will handle Orlando City and the recent Royals-Orioles brawl.

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One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars OTA’s Wind Down, Armada’s Biggest Game”

  1. OMG. Matt Jones, a number one pick. Wow. How bad of an idea, decision was that? Just remember him meandering around with his mouth open, gasping for cocain-free air.

    Glad you seem to have (finally) eliminated the terrible sound issues all of your podcasts seemed to have been plagued with recently. BZZZZZ (Rendering your work ethic comments somewhat hypocritical). CRAAACK

    If you really think Marquise Lee is the type of player that won’t or can’t tough it out, then any talk about his pro career is premature, as you won’t have a pro career unless you grow a set at some point. If correct, we’re all in for a lot more frustration. In the NFL, when work ethic issues appear, they never seem to go away, and you know, not everyone is tough enough to be a professional athlete.

    Podcast didn’t suck.


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