One thought on “Sam & Cole: A Break in Free Agency”

  1. Surprisingly interesting podcast. Some actual insights and understanding that may have eclipsed us lowly, joe jaguar fan level understanding. (Hand me a beer!) Of course, obviously, Joekel is a complete Joke, so glad to see you guys also have noticed this. Although hoping he reacts to competition and has any chance of playing at an acceptable level aiin’t gonna happen. (I have to believe you guys don’t really believe that either). Sure as Blane Gabbert isn’t going to grow a set. And much like Leftwich wasn’t ever going to be the guy. (duh) Soon, memories of those ill-fated opinions, however politically skewed, will fade, as your observations continue to get a chance at being called insightful, with this podcast showing up as possible evidence of that eventuality. I give this podcast a much improved c plus. The Jaguars, and the experts, inching upward. Good work!!

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