Sam & Cole: Jaguars Score 39, Still Lose

Despite five touchdown passes from Blake Bortles and another big day from Allen Robinson, the Jaguars lose in Nashville 42-39 to the Titans. Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss the latest game as well as a look ahead to the bowl games involving local teams.

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One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars Score 39, Still Lose”

  1. I think we just need to feel good about the offensive improvement. And, the birth of a new star in the NFL, Robinson. Who seems to have gotten over his terrible case of dropsies. His willingness to go over the middle is also a huge, huge plus

    Regarding the kicker, it’s a bad situation, and your analogy of a free throw is spot on. It’s in his head now, and if I’m Bradley, I’m smiling and letting him know he will be around. Only way to get him over it. If he thinks he misses one more and he’s gone, he’ll miss 3 more.

    Two continuing themes here. Bortles locking in on one receiver and the defense either jumping up and blocking his pass (several times) or something else bad happens. Other repeating theme…our defense was playing like an angry U Miami defense, more concerned with inflicting a big hit than tackling. Not quite the diving in from before so much, although the long run by their qb was back to the diving in problem, blind blitz, completely overrunning the play. (diving in, a soccer reference for you Cole.) Our defensive guru coach should have gotten that cleaned up by now. Should know better than to do that with Mariotta. And our qb coach needs to help get Bortles out of his bad telegraphing habit.

    I think one thing happened during this loss. The Jaguars showed the potential, potential, to be dangerous. Bortles needs to quit telegraphing. Defense needs to play with that same intensity, but more controlled, with lane integrity, and tackle. We are on the way up. In this instance, a loss not just a loss. It’s a step.

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