One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars Lose to Falcons, Jimmy Smith Joins Us”

  1. Yeah. This game did piss me off too. The Jaguars really could have built on something rather than once again, taking two steps back. Haven’t we had our fill of two steps back? And why are the coming out so flat in the first half? BTW, I think Ryan should get some credit for the game that he played today…stood tall, took the hits, and outplayed Bortles. Falcons brought it to the Jags. Also, our kicker did his job today…which is a good thing.

    Too many drops. And again, Bortles is locking on to one receiver…still no progress there…and made it easy for Ishmael. Oh, and holy s*%t! All the sudden Marcedes catches balls with one hand? Crazy. That’s hard when your hand is made of granite.

    Really like the way Yeldon runs (wish he had that breakaway speed however) but the little voice in my head is saying…he’s going to be injury prone…as a rule rather than an exception. Hope I’m wrong.

    Jimmy Smith! He’s our Michael Irvin. Great to hear from him.

    Jags are close…they are still better than they play. A setback.

    Interesting attitude…from Sam here. No one can call him a mark for the Jaguars, at least not in this podcast. What did Clemens ever do to you Sam? Must have been something…lol.

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