Sam & Cole Podcast: Jaguars Win on 53-yard FG

The Jaguars played poorly, but won thanks to a 53 yard field goal by Jason Myers in Baltimore. Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss the win, plus what the NASL Championship won by the New York Cosmos signals for the Armada. Sam has some perspective on the Paris attacks.

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One thought on “Sam & Cole Podcast: Jaguars Win on 53-yard FG”

  1. Blake isn’t going through his progressions consistently. And hasn’t been. Surprised that hasn’t been noticed or commented on. His qb coach should be all over this. When it’s a planned misdirection look off, like that one in this game, he’s doing it. Otherwise, he’s just not looking off anyone and it’s costing us. His clock is off too, and a late wobbly throw isn’t good, happening more than before.

    Good news, he’s got the mindset of not dwelling, as well as the confidence to keep throwing the ball. His pocket presence, which I thought was natural, is also going the wrong direction, but this is correctable as well. Not sure why he didn’t see or feel the rush a couple times, this could be a symptom of locking onto one receiver, his main issue imho.

    The more help he gets from a defense which is doing a better job of staying in their lanes…will just make Blake better. We have the right coach, and the right qb. Fruits are coming…and it’s okay to talk about us being in contention, since we are.

    Re Paris. The issue is the non-muslim world doesn’t understand what a terrorist looks like vs just a peaceful muslim. The peaceful muslim, it would seem, should have an incentive to identify himself, but so far, to say they have done a poor job of identifying themselves, vocally and visually, or even actually condemning the atrocities of their evil twins…is woefully non existent. This is why the rest of the world tends to lump them all together. Because until we can see the difference, or they make sure we know…the enemy looks like a muslim. Simple take, but I see that as the big issue…because we, the world, has to react and we can’t just keep saying, oh, it’s just the radicals…when we really don’t have a line to divide them, and since the radicals are living amongst the “peaceful”.

    Enjoyed the podcast.

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