One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars Season Looks Headed to Disaster”

  1. Well, the glaring weakness is the defense, and special teams are a close second. The offense is making strides. But the defense, and special teams, seem not to understand the idea of (not) over-committing to getting up the field, and the result seems to be players behind the opponents offense having taken themselves out of the play. I liken it to “diving in” in soccer. Makes it easy for the offensive player to make a big play. Much easier to make a move against a defender who is attacking towards you, instead of holding their ground ready to react. Watching it from the couch, this has been going on for the entire Gus Bradley era, and he is supposed to be the defensive guru? Blatant, obvious, and maybe Cole and Sam should speak to that at some point. Our defense is diving in, and taking themselves out of plays, rushing past the ball, repeatedly. Why? And why aren’t the “experts” noticing it, or talking about it? And why is our defensive minded coach not fixing this now for two years or is it three? Time flies when all you do is lose.

    Yeldon looks to be a good pick. He doesn’t have Fred Taylor speed, unfortunately, but he is a quality runner who will get you more out of a play than most with shiftiness, vision, and some toughness, effort etc. Not being a bama fan, I disliked Yeldon, for the same reasons I am looking forward to watching him now.

    Bortles has been locking in on one receiver now for almost this entire season. That’s why for example he missed the wide open number 15 and instead threw that pick. Defenses have picked up on this. Bortles is a few mind adjustments away from being one of the better qb’s in the league, and his upside looks to be better than just good. But how many pump fakes and look offs have we seen in the last…4 games? One? His qb coach needs to get him back on track. Because what comes next will be an injury…he hasn’t had to deal with that yet…so this is when he needs to keep making the big strides.

    I guess this is the podcast where Cole and Sam basically give up on the coach. I want to remind them that what Gus is attempting here is probably unique to the league, and maybe we shouldn’t cut down the tree right before the fruit is ripe. True, but what if the apples are rotten? We’ve invested a couple years into this poker hand, even if you decide to fire the coach, it makes sense to see how he does the rest of this year before we get too negative. He’ll get fired if he doesn’t start winning anyway. At the most he has this season and if it doesn’t get better, half of next. This impatience is indicative of the types of fans and experts we have here in northern florida. College level fans, gator and fsu fans who expect to win and win now or they throw their food on the floor and start tugging at their bibs in protest. Try being a Chicago fan for 50 years and see what it’s like to be a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL fan, or in this case “expert”. Sam and Cole, here’s your ba-ba and go take a nap you’ll feel better.

    Feel free to contact me if you guys need any more help understanding what’s going on here. 😉


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