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  1. Clearly Gus Bradley might not be the right choice to lead this team at this time, but neither is Dave Caldwell. I noticed immediately when one of his first statements to the public after his hiring was that Tim Tebow would not be in a Jaguar uniform. How could he make that statement so soon? Obviously had Tebow been lured back to Jacksonville, at a minimum, ticket sales would have increased. Whether one believes that or not, is debatable but that truly is my opinion. This would have allowed the front office to have more money to spend on quality players. Maybe if Caldwell had listened to the wishes of owner Shad Kahn to begin with, regarding his desire to bring Tebow home, all this karma would not be happening? Dave Caldwell should be man enough at this point to resign. He is no better than Gene Smith was. The Jaguars will likely not win another game this year under his management. Shad, take note. You are new to this game, I know. But based on your history, you learn from mistakes.

    1. Something has been wrong with the talent evaluation forever here in Jax. I agree with you about Tebow. If he would agree to play the TE position, he could catch better than Marcedes…who poses after one catch in a row, then drops the next three. A good game for Marcedes is anything less than two drops. Even Allen Robinson seems to have trouble not dropping passes. Did he just learn how do drop them recently? Or should someone have noticed his highly developed ability to drop critical passes earlier? And how many times do we have to watch him dive…and ALMOST catch it…ALMOST! Here’s a perfect example of their inability to evaluate…#81. He catches EVERYTHING and is fearless. Why did he have to be brought back? He was cut until there was an injury. He hasn’t dropped one ball yet.

  2. I hope Gus survives. We have two major things that a team needs. A quality qb and a quality coach. Remember, Bradley is almost a rookie too. If the players want to play for the coach, you’ve got the main thing you want in a coach. When the players don’t care about their coach, it’s time to get another one. As for running the game, at least he’s not losing the game by going for it when he should punt like Del Rio.

    As for what should your role be, Cole especially…please just don’t do what you did when you blindly supported Blane Gabbert, first as a pick, then as an athlete, long beyond any reason. Don’t do that again. Because at some point, “fans” as you like to categorize us, will just think you can’t judge anything athlete or football related. Or, you’re such a mark for the team, you shouldn’t be allowed to give an opinion, because it’s not honest. I still don’t remember your reason for your glaring lapse in judgement or even observation. Have you ever explained this to the “fans”, who according to you are challenged with making real football observations but are controlled by our “fan-level” emotions, too much beer and are not really capable of sports analysis? No, you have never spoken of your lamprey like relationship with Blane Gabbert to us dumb “fans”. Obviously you’ve swam to another host. So the question remains. Who are you sucking up to now, and Why ARE you still talking and why should anyone listen? Ordinary “fans” like myself wonder. I was over this subject but unfortunately, you brought it up again. Another “tip”. When one of the Armada strikers misses, don’t say, “wide right”. In fact, maybe you should pick a sport and really, really pay more attention?

    😉 tom

      1. Cole! I wish I had options! But, on that subject, as a matter of fact, speaking of why do I listen…I TRIED to listen to the Armada play by play and found that the mute button helped. Wide left, (football) Slapped that on out (hockey) One on one (basketball) Up the middle (baseball) all while calling a PROFESSIONAL soccer match! I was waiting for women’s volleyball reference!..But seriously, here’s a hint. Soccer players are all from far away places…so discussing their home towns etc instead of what’s going on on the field…is okay maybe once a game or so. And all the stats you toss out.., continuously…doesn’t fool real soccer fans. We’re all like, what the heck is this?! Goalie? Kicked it “real hard”? Here comes the throw in? WE CAN SEE THAT! HERE IF COMES! What was the other one, oh yeah, wow that was a real…scorcher! Never heard a professional soccer play by play like that and maybe, if I keep batteries in the clicker, won’t have to again. Since you asked. 🙂

        1. I was actually referring to the podcast with that question, but since you mentioned the soccer play-by-play, the reason I mention the hometowns and other background info on the players is that I’m introducing the players to the viewing audience. That’s intentional. As for some of your other points, some of the terminology I’m using is to help bring new Armada fans into the game and help them relate. Some could be just sneaking into the broadcast because that’s the phrase that comes to mind in the moment. I’m certainly still improving as a soccer play-by-play guy. Just the first season. As a soccer fan, have you been to an Armada game? What did you think of the experience in the stadium?

          1. Why yes, Cole, I went to the very first Armada game, had great seats, and it was one of my favorite live sports experiences…ever! Thanks for asking.

            And so nice to hear you admit to learning the soccer play by play on the job. That’s all I want from my professional sports personalities. Honesty!

            I, as always, have a suggestion. You have a soccer expert with you on these broadcasts. Why not tell him to kind of do the play by play…more…and you be the color guy? You are funny, in your own way. (Scud missile…hahaha!) Might be fun to switch that up and see how it goes. Sincerely…not trying to be critical..or snarky.

            Next time I have an Armada party at my house, I tell you what. We’ll turn off the music, undo the mute, and listen to your progress. Maybe we’ll do a drinking game. Call it Pepper. Every time you say something funny, we’ll take a drink.


  3. The future of Jaguar football is over. Plain and Simple. Jacksonville is a wrestling town. The closest thing that comes close to football are the 3 college teams and high school sports. Kahn and all his monies should pack up. Our average citizen here cannot relate to losing. If one more dollar goes to Kahn’s frivolous projects the people should revolt.

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars has brought a bad taste in the mouths of the media. Clearly because of our city and its wrestling sport mentality we need to stop wasting our city dollars on a no win team

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