Sam & Cole: Winston’s Decision Good for Jaguars

Florida State quarterback Jameis WInston declared for the NFL draft. Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss how that can help the Jaguars and where the Jaguars might look with the 3rd pick of the draft. Also, we turn our attention to college basketball.

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2 thoughts on “Sam & Cole: Winston’s Decision Good for Jaguars”

  1. I’m not sure out 3rd pick is as good as it might be, if one of the 2 QB’s are still there. Other teams will know we are not going to draft a QB – and Oakland may not, as well. Let’s do hope we can draft someone at any position who “can’t miss.”

  2. I hope Jamis Winston doesnt go to the Jaguars. I think that hes gotten to big for his britches and thinks hes untouchable. My opinion he should have to take classes for all the crimes he has committed instead of being slapped on the had like a child. Hes a grow man and at some point he will make another mistake that will end his Career because his head is way to big. Who else gets away with yelling at coaches and is not disciplined when his actions hurt others.

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