One thought on “Sam & Cole: Quarterback Conversation Dominating”

  1. Cole. I am very sorry. But if anyone has disqualified himself from talking about “the quarterback” it is you. There was hope with Gabbert? Hope? I told you about Leftwich. You told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. (on the air). You were wrong. I told you about Gabbert, and you marked out for Gabbert long after any reasonable amount of observation, and you couldn’t have been more wrong. Now, you want to talk about Bortles and Henne. Tell you what. I’ll tell you what to say this time around so you can appear to know what you’re talking about. There was hope with Gabbert? Start with never saying that again. Gabbert was beyond hopeless from day 2 or 3. Here’s what’s going on now. Bortles appears to be the opposite of Gabbert. He stands tall, keeps his eyes downfield and throws a good ball. He plays better in games than in practice. His time will come. But don’t dismiss Henne. He is reacting positively to the competition, and has gradually improved. To continue to talk about how Henne isn’t ever going to be much, is wrong. He has improved gradually and is a pretty decent quarterback. He can lead the team to a 8 win season or better. Bortles will come in when it makes sense. Henne is rightly the starter and let’s see if how he plays before we get antsy.

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