2 thoughts on “Sam & Cole: State of the Jaguars”

  1. Thanks, guys. Sam is right; Cole should be back with the game-day radio experience. I’m a season ticket holder since day one, and i always would learn more from Cole’s pregame and post-game radio time than anywhere else to and from the games.

    I really do appreciate your same-day 16- minute discussion of what you heard, saw and felt regarding the BIG thinking of the Jaguars. The last time I could get anything remotely informative like that was Sam’s daily radio show. It was the best I’ve heard.

    I’m excited about the plans and the forward thinking; I must admit I don’t get, at all, the swimming pool thing. I’m reserving judgement on it; I am concerned about potential lawsuits, fights and other non-cool stuff happening. Hope I’m wrong about that.

    A covered stadium would be amazing. The Shipyards sound potentially incredible. Glad to be a Jaguar fan. And who woulda ever thought I’d be able to see of my Michigan (GoBlue!) quarterbacks in the same backfield- each having thrown a pass to the other! Wow!

    Keep up the great work, K&P!

  2. As a club seat holder, I loved the concept I saw for clubs.. I agree with Sam that it may not have a big revenue adder except they may be justified to bumping the prices. I was in the club sections late December in Charlotte for the ACC Championship game and liked the club layout there with the visibility from the club to the field with fewer club rows and stretching between goal lines and under cover (important that night with some sprinkles)… I also wonder the impact on seating since FL-GA does use all the clubs… They could probably bump the prices of enhanced club to make up for fewer seats. I do wonder how the regional efforts will work.. They did some of that last year and I do notice that at least the radio footprint includes all of North FL again with some good stations. They do need a better radio outlet in Orlando since the one they are on is a pretty weak AM.. I guess they can measure their success pretty easily… I suspect the schedule will help sales this year since it’s a good one..

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