Sam & Cole: Gators Set for Final Four

After three straight defeats in the Regional Finals, the Gators are back in the Final Four. Florida faces Connecticut, the last team to beat them, in the national semi-finals on Saturday. Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss the Gators chances, plus Maurice Jones-Drew’s legacy in Jacksonville and how Johnny Manziel’s pro day workout affects the Jaguars draft plans.

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One thought on “Sam & Cole: Gators Set for Final Four”

  1. Cole. You told me Blaine Gabbert was the right pick over Cam Newton, so maybe you should excuse yourself from commenting about quarterbacks, or just start each comment out with a legal statement, something like: I liked Blaine over Cam, but I think…so your audience can take what you say in the proper context. Other than that, nice podcast.

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