Sam & Cole: Jaguars End Season 4-12


The Jaguars finish the 2013 season 4-12 after a 30-10 loss to the Colts. Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss the season ending game and what the Jaguars accomplished during the season.


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One thought on “Sam & Cole: Jaguars End Season 4-12”

  1. I look forward to watching the off-season wheelings and dealings. I believe Chad Henne is a good place-holder who can teach, help and / or backup whoever the new QB might be. (Of course, I thought that about David Garrard regarding Blaine Gabbert up until David got cut after being at an awfully nice luncheon!)

    I do agree with both of you when you say the Jaguars cannot count on Justin coming back. If he does, and if he is in good shape, and if he has his head on straight and… – then we will have a better wide receiving corps.

    Thanks for doing these podcasts. I appreciate being able to hear you both together. Tweets are good – blog posts are good – your two-person conversations are better.

    Happy New Year to us all.

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