Sam and Cole: Honoring Brad Meester

14-year veteran center Brad Meester played his final game in Jacksonville Sunday. Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper reflect on what Meester means to the franchise and whether he should be included in the Pride of the Jaguars, plus comments on where the Jaguars stand after the 20-16 loss to the Titans.


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3 thoughts on “Sam and Cole: Honoring Brad Meester”

  1. Brad should absolutely be in the Pride. Look around the league and find any other team who hasn’t struggled replacing, finding their center. You never heard his name because he did his job that well. Total professional athlete who played through everything he ever had to.

  2. Clowny? C’mon he’s got bad character stamped on his forehead. Manzell would be a much better choice. I will remember this podcast when Clowny is a bust and Johnny Football plays really well in the NFL. AJ McCarron? Another bust in the making. Slow, very average arm. He’s going to get crushed in the NFL. He’s the last guy we need or should ever take. Hey, how bout Gabbert? You still like him Cole Pepper? Over Cam Newton or have you come around on that one? I keep confusing sports talking heads with people who really know sports and athletes. Johnny will be amazing unless he gets hurt. Clowny will be a clown.

  3. A couple of thoughts. Meester deserves to be in the Pride despite never being in a Pro Bowl game or being in the playoffs very often. He is the type of guy to build an offense and a team around. Caldwell will be looking for more Meester kind of guys in the draft and free agency.

    Second, I am not sure about wanting Clowney or Manziel on this team. Clowney to me is the type of guy who will always play great in a contract year and will pout whenever he feels like it. Can the culture change him or does a guy like Clowney change the culture we are building here? Is Manziel a guy who will be the team player or more like another Romo/Stafford type of guy?

    Whoever we pick, I am sure they will be the kind of guys we need to grow the culture and win a lot of games.

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