Sam and Cole: Can Jaguars Win Back-to-Back?

After last week’s win in Tennessee, the Jaguars return home, looking for their first touchdown at EverBank Field this season, and hoping to win consecutive games for the first time since December 12, 2010 (when they followed up a victory at Tennessee with a win over the Raiders). Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss. Also, thoughts on the start of the high school football playoffs and the strange case that may involve Jameis Winston in Tallahassee.


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One thought on “Sam and Cole: Can Jaguars Win Back-to-Back?”

  1. So these podcasts are more like Cole interviewing Sam. Sam offers zero insight that I find interesting, and his delivery is like a sleeping pill. “The Jaguars believe in WHY they won.” Holy crap give me a break. zzzzzzz

    I agree with Cole…FSU will beat Bama. Cole, compared to Sam, you are extremely energetic. Try having Sam interview you and you might have something. Just trying to be helpful. Because these things won’t last if Sam is going to just blather on. I can probably suffer through one more and then I’m going to switch back to watching paint dry. Or even women’s basketball. No, never that.

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