2 thoughts on “Sam and Cole: Jaguars Respectable in Loss to Denver”

  1. audio cut out before the end. you guys are still both missing the point though. It’s not gabbert has the potential to be a ten, he’s NEVER going to consistently do anything worth a crap. He’s HURT more than he plays, again, thank goodness for that consistent trait. Perpetual injury is his greatest asset. Only reason to play him is to keep someone else from taking hits and to assure we get the first pick. that’s it. he’s a joke. And Sam, damn dude, let up on Blackmon he’s probably the best player on the team by a long shot. Saying he’s not the smartest tool last week, and this week still calling him a liar you start to sound like you have a real grudge against him. What did he do? Dis you in the locker room? Kinda harsh, and yet you still think Gabbert could be spectacular? C’mon man!

  2. Love your weekly blog and we are in agreement most of the time. So let me throw my two cents in here. Blaine Gabbert is not the answer, no way, no how!!! I would play Chad Henne for the rest of the year, but he is not the answer either. We need a quarterback through the upcoming draft and or pick up a veteran QB in free agency. I would keep Henne on the roster as a backup…

    We need a lot of new players, but I won’t go into that now since I would run out of room…

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