One thought on “Sam and Cole: Do the Jaguars NEED a Win?”

  1. Sam, your marketing instincts couldn’t be more wrong. Jaguars need to build their own fan base, not try and add or convert Gators. Those are not and never going to be professional football fans first. You’re talking about climbing to the top of the orange tree looking for an apple. Jags need jags fans who are jags fans first. Low hanging fruit first Sam, and that would be non college-oriented fans, but actual Jags fans simply and obviously because the college level fans already have their football cards punched. That’s why they left when the loss column filled up. Real fans show up, that’s what the Jags need. Stick w broadcasting and helping athletes get endorsements with the magical power of talking to you in the locker room, where, as you always say, you are in all the time.

    The best thing this team has is Gus Bradley, who is allowing his players to fail, while enabling his players to get better gradually. This approach is mind-bogglingly unique and I love this coach and this approach in a league where you have Shannahan’s ruining young men’s careers to get a win.

    The last two seasons are like a forest fire. It’s nature’s way of replenishing, not just the players, but the fans. Let the Gator fans go back to the Gators. All this loosing is going to make fans appreciate success like they didn’t in the past. That’s what will build the real fan base of actual Jags fans, not Gator fans jumping on and off the bandwagon based on winning only. When the jags come back, and they will (are rapidly) we’ll create real fans hopefully who will stick. Like Chicago, Seattle, New York, and other storied franchises.

    Keep Gabbert off the field, and the team will continue to get better. No fear of Gabbert last week translated into their best performance to date. This team does NOT suck with Henne. The defense is stout, and we have weapons on offense so long as our qb has his head downfield and not getting hurt yipping himself out of bounds without any contact. Single biggest factor for this team now is keeping Gabbert off the field. But of course you’ve heard me say that for about two years now.

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