5 thoughts on “Sam and Cole: Post-game Podcast Jaguars Lose in Seattle 45-17”

  1. Cole. You have to be the last person with allegedly any sports knowledge or cred that is still, STILL, hoping that Gabbert can be a qb. Very frustrating and absurd. Are you a sportscaster, or a PR stooge. Enough already. It’s really annoying.

    1. My point is that there isn’t anyone else to choose from. Do I think that Gabbert is THE guy? No. But the timetable isn’t this week it next week, it’s the end if the season. To suggest anything else (and in particular to suggest that I am a PR stooge) is not only an emotional response but it is also in ignorance of the facts. Thanks for listening, though.

  2. This is the year to find out if Blaine Gabbert is or could be THE GUY.

    It’s also a year to develop other guys like Cyp, Joeckel, Gratz, Josh Evans, even CS3 and Blackmon. Next year with Clowney or Bridgewater (if Blaine isn’t THE GUY), the team will be that much better.

    GO JAGS!!

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