Sam and Cole: Gabbert’s Back

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley wasted no time Monday naming Blaine Gabbert the starter for Sunday’s game against the Colts. Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper discuss what that means, plus the status of the quarterbacks at Florida, Georgia, Florida State and JU.

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5 thoughts on “Sam and Cole: Gabbert’s Back”

  1. I have resigned myself to just being okay with Gabbert playing. It makes financial sense. Use that 8 million (at least for as many games as he can stay healthy this season) to absolutely guarantee the Jags will get the first choice of qb’s in the draft. Only reason left. Put him out there. How about a drinking game…every time Gabbert panics, drink. Every time he slides standing still, drink. Throws it to a defender to avoid getting hit, drink. Every time he closes his eyes and assumes the fetal position, drink. Every time a sports person talks about waiting and seeing, drink a whole pitcher.

    1. ROTFLOL I wish I could drink! What is the prize for the talking heads (Jaguars Propaganda Machine Boselli, Brunell, Sexton, Prisco..) telling us to wait until 2015 to have a team?

  2. we should wait. seriously. i have been so sick of the Blaire Yip Project, and even more sick of how the so called experts can’t see what normal fans can see (I think politics and playing nice with the team is at work there) But at this point, let’s put him out there…lose every game, and get a qb in the upcoming draft that we can build around. At least we’ll get something from him this year for our 8 m.

  3. It all starts with the offensive and defensive lines and in the Jaguars case they both stink. You can’t run or pass if the “O” line can block or keep the QB off the ground and when they are able to get a pass off the receivers or backs drop the ball…That is a formula for failure!!!

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