PODCAST: Sam and Cole on Gabbert’s Progress and the Jaguars Roster

In this installment of the Sam and Cole Podcast, we discuss Blaine Gabbert’s recovery from the hairline fracture in his thumb and what the Jaguars roster moves might mean for the 2013 season.


Cole and Sam Podcast

2 thoughts on “PODCAST: Sam and Cole on Gabbert’s Progress and the Jaguars Roster”

  1. I do hope BG plays on Sunday. We will get a better look at whether his one good pre-season quarter was for real or a fluke, if his finger/hand is healthy.

    I was disappointed, yet optimistic that Jordan Shipley was released. I think he is a good over the middle and as a down-and-out pass catcher, who can return also punts. If all the receivers we kept are better than him, I am optimistic about our receiving corps.

    WOW! Even a Steve DeBerg (1990) mention!

  2. Question for the experts. How many games has BG played since named the starter vs how many he’s missed? Add accident prone to the list of reasons why not?

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