2 thoughts on “PODCAST: Cole and Sam After the Jaguars 28-2 Loss to the Chiefs”

  1. Sam! Thank you for saying we can’t go an entire year w/Gabbert. Thank you for saying we haven’t had a good qb situation since Brunell. True! We can’t afford it a whole year more while we lose every game. Cole, what are you saying he’s the 5th problem on the list. Really dude? That’s just so far from reality. He is the #1 problem. You should know that. Let Gabbert heal. Tell him he’s the back up. I think he’ll respond well to that, he doesn’t want to be out there anyway…it’s written on his face. Maybe he needs a break and a sports psychologist. But lets start building now. I thought both of the rookies on the roster in pre season had tons of talent. Didn’t you guys hear the applause when Henne came out?

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