PODCAST: Sam and Cole Discuss Gabbert at the Starting QB


Cole Pepper and Sam Kouvaris discuss Gus Bradley’s decision to name Blaine Gabbert the Jaguars starting quarterback and what Gabbert’s injury could mean for the team.


How many games will Blaine Gabbert start for the Jaguars this season?

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One thought on “PODCAST: Sam and Cole Discuss Gabbert at the Starting QB”

  1. You need to look at the first game Gabbert played against the Texans. Cushings went out of bounds then came back in AFTER the whistle and broke or bruised Gabbert’s ribs…no flag, no penalty, no fine NO NOTHING now had it been BRADY or MANNING…
    Brunell was a snob to fans once a grandfather waited in line with his 5 year old grandson for a signature…when he finally got up to the front of the line Brunell told him he was number 151 and he was only signing 150 items and walked off.
    Gruden has a chip on his shoulder about Jacksonville…Byron Leftwich with the help of Kaliff Barnes got his first ever NFL win (Del Rio broke a glass at half time) against the then undefeated Bucs then a few years later the Jaguars went into Tampa and broke their undefeated home winning streak…but Gruden did keep calling Gabbert a wimp and no one said anything about the hit that caused it all 🙁

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