What Else Could Denard Robinson’s “OW” Stand For?

Denard Robinson mini-camp

by Cole Pepper

The Jaguars have done something that has never been seen on an NFL roster, listing Denard Robinson as an OW under his position, ostensibly as “Offensive Weapon.”

But could it mean something else?

Optimistic Wideout-Yes, he’s been taking snaps at running back, but maybe he really believes in his receiving ability.
Obviously Weathered-probably not…but give him some time in the Jacksonville sun during training camp and then see what you think.
Oxford Wearer-Perhaps not when he was drafted, but now that he has his signing bonus, maybe he’ll step up his fashion game. (insert draft video)
Obvious Winner-although folks in Columbus may have a different opinion.
Over Weight-sorry, that may just be me.
Occult Worshiper-This would be a real shot at the pro-Tebow crowd.
Outside Warlock-just don’t ask him to cast a spell indoors.Orenthal….never mind, we’ve had too much NFL murder investigations for one week.

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