Kommentary: Colllege Wurld Ceries

photo: CardinalSports.com
photo: CardinalSports.com

Eye dont cee whut thu bigg deel iz wit thu spellling misteak onn thu duggowt ruf att thu Colllege Wurld Ceries.

Eye meen, wutz thu bigg deel wit spellling anywai? Everywon haz spelll chek nowadaze. Soe sum gie wit uh payntbrush addedd un xtra lettr. Bigg wup. Didd peeple inn thu standz thynk thay wur watcheeng sum uther eevent?

Alll u colllege profesurs neeed two git ovur urselvs. Gust injoy thu gamez, wroot four yer skool andt grabb uh hawt dogg unda drynk. Everythyng wull wurk owt gust phyne. Et didd four thu Kanzasitee Chefs.


Chefs endzone

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