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6 thoughts on “Latest News and Opinion

  1. Cindy Schuman

    Hi Cole,
    I was checking stats for another client and noticed how many your blog is getting. Over 5,000 + from when you switched over.
    Way to go!

    BTW… If you ever get 2 or 3 extra comp tickets for the arena football team, my kid would love to take his family. He got hooked when the company he works for treated everyone to a game in Orlando.


  2. walter john izarra

    when will you be interviewing mark Frisch from NASLJacksonville soccer team i am interested in helping out with the development of youth academy’s. Also I have 13 years of sport injuries and rehab experience. I am looking to be part of the teams trainers and coaches

    1. Cole Pepper Post author

      Probably within the next month. Keep an eye out on my twitter feed (@ColePepper). I’ll tweet when I have a new story or podcast up.

  3. Lou

    When Backjacks on San Juan Ave closed a couple of years ago, I lost an outlet to purchase Blackjack BBQ Sauce….I have precious little of the Sweet Blackjacks BBQ Sauce in a bottle in my refrigerator…Where can I purchase more?

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