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14 thoughts on “Latest News and Opinion

  1. Cindy Schuman

    Hi Cole,
    I was checking stats for another client and noticed how many your blog is getting. Over 5,000 + from when you switched over.
    Way to go!

    BTW… If you ever get 2 or 3 extra comp tickets for the arena football team, my kid would love to take his family. He got hooked when the company he works for treated everyone to a game in Orlando.


  2. walter john izarra

    when will you be interviewing mark Frisch from NASLJacksonville soccer team i am interested in helping out with the development of youth academy’s. Also I have 13 years of sport injuries and rehab experience. I am looking to be part of the teams trainers and coaches

    1. Cole Pepper Post author

      Probably within the next month. Keep an eye out on my twitter feed (@ColePepper). I’ll tweet when I have a new story or podcast up.

  3. Lou

    When Backjacks on San Juan Ave closed a couple of years ago, I lost an outlet to purchase Blackjack BBQ Sauce….I have precious little of the Sweet Blackjacks BBQ Sauce in a bottle in my refrigerator…Where can I purchase more?

  4. Mike Sturgill

    Not sure if this worked, but I am doing great! I live in Tampa, but I have some very important clients I am taking to a Jaguars Game of their choice this season and I did not know if you are still working there on Game Day. I was hoping I could catch up with you, to introduce you to them. A local celebrity to introduce would be awesome.

  5. David White

    To not even mention on your weekly “sports update” on wjct that Florida destroyed fsu in the super Regionals to make it to the cws is a pretty big oversight, don’t you think? You spent more time talking about power boat racing and lenny curry than you did about a pretty big local/state sports story. Well done!

    1. Cole Pepper Post author

      Yeah, we ran out of time. I’m sure we’ll give Florida lots of College World Series attention on Monday!


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